Innova Dairy

Feeding Trolley

This equipment set the temperature of milk or milk replacer 38°C automatically, thanks to its thermostat.

Unique Design
Your farm's future is your calves. Their health condition and early life growth are affect the their future performance.
This equipment developed by Innova Dairy Ar-Ge. It ensures that to feed your calves correctly and accurate temperatures.

Long Life
We've prefered to use high quality materials. When it unite with the exhaustive workmanship that ensures the long life to machine. The other factors why choosing by farmers are of course the durability and elegance of stainless steel.

Correct Mixing
The performance of the stainless the agitatoor located within the incredible. Whole milk or milk replacer to put into the machine, it agitate effectively. Moreover, you can control the rate of the agitator.